Bottoms Up Bartenders are committed to a greener earth. With climate change causing obvious and proven devastation around the world we are committed to neutralising the carbon we omit as a result of our trading and we hope to inspire other businesses to do the same.

How are we carbon neutral? We purchase carbon credits from our partner Tree Creds who use those credits to plant trees whose job it is to process carbon in the atmosphere produced from things like travel (car, train, freight, etc.), electricity and waste.

We have calculated specifically how much carbon we omit as a result of our trading and actually purchase more than we need so we're actually processing more carbon as a result of our business than we're using, you could say we're carbon positive :)

Being the first company in the events industry to run entirely carbon neutral we hope to show both small and big business that it is possible to run a profitable business and care for the environment at the same time.

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